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 * I have no idea why this group was issued.  I have never seen anything
 * that uses it.  From what I remember, the last time I tried to poke at
 * the server with this group, it whined about not supporting it.
 * But we advertise it anyway, because its fun.

#include <aim.h>

faim_internal int translate_modfirst(aim_session_t *sess, aim_module_t *mod)

      mod->family = 0x000c;
      mod->version = 0x0001;
      mod->toolid = 0x0104;
      mod->toolversion = 0x0001;
      mod->flags = 0;
      strncpy(mod->name, "translate", sizeof(mod->name));
      mod->snachandler = NULL;

      return 0;

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