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 * Main libfaim header.  Must be included in client for prototypes/macros.
 * "come on, i turned a chick lesbian; i think this is the hackish equivalent"
 *                                                -- Josh Meyer

#ifndef __AIM_H__
#define __AIM_H__


#include <faimconfig.h>
#include <aim_cbtypes.h>

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <fcntl.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <time.h>

#ifdef _WIN32
#include <windows.h>
#include <io.h>
#include <sys/time.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <netinet/in.h>
#include <sys/socket.h>

/* XXX adjust these based on autoconf-detected platform */
typedef unsigned char fu8_t;
typedef unsigned short fu16_t;
typedef unsigned long fu32_t;
typedef fu32_t aim_snacid_t;
typedef fu16_t flap_seqnum_t;

/* Portability stuff (DMP) */

#ifdef _WIN32
#define sleep(x) Sleep((x)*1000)
#define snprintf _snprintf /* I'm not sure whats wrong with Microsoft here */
#define close(x) closesocket(x) /* no comment */

#if defined(mach) && defined(__APPLE__)
#define gethostbyname(x) gethostbyname2(x, AF_INET) 

#if defined(_WIN32) || defined(STRICT_ANSI)
#define faim_shortfunc
#define faim_shortfunc inline

#if defined(_WIN32) && !defined(WIN32_STATIC)
 * For a win32 DLL, we define WIN32_INDLL if this file
 * is included while compiling the DLL. If its not 
 * defined (its included in a client app), the symbols
 * will be imported instead of exported.
#ifdef WIN32_INDLL
#define faim_export __declspec(dllexport)
#define faim_export __declspec(dllimport)
#endif /* WIN32_INDLL */
#define faim_internal
 * Nothing normally needed for unix...
#define faim_export
#define faim_internal

 * Current Maximum Length for Screen Names (not including NULL) 
 * Currently only names up to 16 characters can be registered
 * however it is aparently legal for them to be larger.
#define MAXSNLEN 32

 * Current Maximum Length for Instant Messages
 * This was found basically by experiment, but not wholly
 * accurate experiment.  It should not be regarded
 * as completely correct.  But its a decent approximation.
 * Note that although we can send this much, its impossible
 * for WinAIM clients (up through the latest (4.0.1957)) to
 * send any more than 1kb.  Amaze all your windows friends
 * with utterly oversized instant messages!
 * XXX: the real limit is the total SNAC size at 8192. Fix this.
#define MAXMSGLEN 7987

 * Maximum size of a Buddy Icon.
#define MAXICONLEN 7168
#define AIM_ICONIDENT "AVT1picture.id"

 * Current Maximum Length for Chat Room Messages
 * This is actually defined by the protocol to be
 * dynamic, but I have yet to see due cause to 
 * define it dynamically here.  Maybe later.

 * Standard size of an AIM authorization cookie
#define AIM_COOKIELEN            0x100

#define AIM_MD5_STRING "AOL Instant Messenger (SM)"

 * Client info.  Filled in by the client and passed in to 
 * aim_send_login().  The information ends up getting passed to OSCAR
 * through the initial login command.
struct client_info_s {
      const char *clientstring;
      fu16_t clientid;
      int major;
      int minor;
      int point;
      int build;
      const char *country; /* two-letter abbrev */
      const char *lang; /* two-letter abbrev */

#define AIM_CLIENTINFO_KNOWNGOOD_3_5_1670 { \
      "AOL Instant Messenger (SM), version 3.5.1670/WIN32", \
      0x0004, \
      0x0003, \
      0x0005, \
      0x0000, \
      0x0686, \
      "us", \
      "en", \

#define AIM_CLIENTINFO_KNOWNGOOD_4_1_2010 { \
        "AOL Instant Messenger (SM), version 4.1.2010/WIN32", \
        0x0004, \
        0x0004, \
        0x0001, \
        0x0000, \
        0x07da, \
        "us", \
        "en", \

 * I would make 4.1.2010 the default, but they seem to have found
 * an alternate way of breaking that one. 
 * 3.5.1670 should work fine, however, you will be subjected to the
 * memory test, which may require you to have a WinAIM binary laying 
 * around. (see login.c::memrequest())

#ifndef TRUE
#define TRUE 1
#define FALSE 0

 * These could be arbitrary, but its easier to use the actual AIM values 
#define AIM_CONN_TYPE_AUTH          0x0007
#define AIM_CONN_TYPE_ADS           0x0005
#define AIM_CONN_TYPE_BOS           0x0002
#define AIM_CONN_TYPE_CHAT          0x000e
#define AIM_CONN_TYPE_CHATNAV       0x000d

/* they start getting arbitrary in rendezvous stuff =) */
#define AIM_CONN_TYPE_RENDEZVOUS    0x0101 /* these do not speak FLAP! */
#define AIM_CONN_TYPE_RENDEZVOUS_OUT 0x0102 /* socket waiting for accept() */

 * Subtypes, we need these for OFT stuff.
#define AIM_CONN_SUBTYPE_OFT_VOICE     0x0005

 * Status values returned from aim_conn_new().  ORed together.
#define AIM_CONN_STATUS_READY       0x0001
#define AIM_CONN_STATUS_CONNERR     0x0080

#define AIM_FRAMETYPE_FLAP 0x0000
#define AIM_FRAMETYPE_OFT  0x0001

typedef struct aim_conn_s {
      int fd;
      fu16_t type;
      fu16_t subtype;
      flap_seqnum_t seqnum;
      fu32_t status;
      void *priv; /* misc data the client may want to store */
      void *internal; /* internal conn-specific libfaim data */
      time_t lastactivity; /* time of last transmit */
      int forcedlatency; 
      void *handlerlist;
      void *sessv; /* pointer to parent session */
      void *inside; /* only accessible from inside libfaim */
      struct aim_conn_s *next;
} aim_conn_t;

 * Byte Stream type. Sort of.
 * Use of this type serves a couple purposes:
 *   - Buffer/buflen pairs are passed all around everywhere. This turns
 *     that into one value, as well as abstracting it slightly.
 *   - Through the abstraction, it is possible to enable bounds checking
 *     for robustness at the cost of performance.  But a clean failure on
 *     weird packets is much better than a segfault.
 *   - I like having variables named "bs".
 * Don't touch the insides of this struct.  Or I'll have to kill you.
typedef struct aim_bstream_s {
      fu8_t *data;
      fu16_t len;
      fu16_t offset;
} aim_bstream_t;

typedef struct aim_frame_s {
      fu8_t hdrtype; /* defines which piece of the union to use */
      union {
            struct { 
                  fu8_t type;
                  flap_seqnum_t seqnum;     
            } flap;
            struct {
                  fu16_t type;
                  fu8_t magic[4]; /* ODC2 OFT2 */
                  fu16_t hdr2len;
                  fu8_t *hdr2; /* rest of bloated header */
            } oft;
      } hdr;
      aim_bstream_t data;     /* payload stream */
      fu8_t handled;          /* 0 = new, !0 = been handled */
      fu8_t nofree;           /* 0 = free data on purge, 1 = only unlink */
      aim_conn_t *conn;  /* the connection it came in on... */
      struct aim_frame_s *next;
} aim_frame_t;

typedef struct aim_msgcookie_s {
      unsigned char cookie[8];
      int type;
      void *data;
      time_t addtime;
      struct aim_msgcookie_s *next;
} aim_msgcookie_t;

 * AIM Session: The main client-data interface.  
typedef struct aim_session_s {

      /* ---- Client Accessible ------------------------ */

      /* Our screen name. */
      char sn[MAXSNLEN+1];

       * Pointer to anything the client wants to 
       * explicitly associate with this session.
       * This is for use in the callbacks mainly. In any
       * callback, you can access this with sess->aux_data.
      void *aux_data;

      /* ---- Internal Use Only ------------------------ */

      /* Connection information */
      aim_conn_t *connlist;

       * Transmit/receive queues.
       * These are only used when you don't use your own lowlevel
       * I/O.  I don't suggest that you use libfaim's internal I/O.
       * Its really bad and the API/event model is quirky at best.
      aim_frame_t *queue_outgoing;   
      aim_frame_t *queue_incoming; 

       * Tx Enqueuing function.
       * This is how you override the transmit direction of libfaim's
       * internal I/O.  This function will be called whenever it needs
       * to send something.
      int (*tx_enqueue)(struct aim_session_s *, aim_frame_t *);

       * Outstanding snac handling 
       * XXX: Should these be per-connection? -mid
      void *snac_hash[FAIM_SNAC_HASH_SIZE];
      aim_snacid_t snacid_next;

      struct {
            char server[128];
            char username[128];
            char password[128];
      } socksproxy;

      fu32_t flags; /* AIM_SESS_FLAGS_ */

      int debug;
      void (*debugcb)(struct aim_session_s *sess, int level, const char *format, va_list va); /* same as faim_debugging_callback_t */

      aim_msgcookie_t *msgcookies;

      void *modlistv;
} aim_session_t;

/* Values for sess->flags */
#define AIM_SESS_FLAGS_SNACLOGIN         0x00000001
#define AIM_SESS_FLAGS_XORLOGIN          0x00000002

/* Valid for calling aim_icq_setstatus() and for aim_userinfo_t->icqinfo.status */
#define AIM_ICQ_STATE_ONLINE    0x0000
#define AIM_ICQ_STATE_AWAY      0x0001
#define AIM_ICQ_STATE_DND       0x0002
#define AIM_ICQ_STATE_NA        0x0004
#define AIM_ICQ_STATE_OCCUPIED  0x0010
#define AIM_ICQ_STATE_CHAT      0x0020

 * AIM User Info, Standard Form.
typedef struct {
      char sn[MAXSNLEN+1];
      fu16_t warnlevel;
      fu16_t idletime;
      fu16_t flags;
      fu32_t membersince;
      fu32_t onlinesince;
      fu32_t sessionlen; 
      int capspresent;
      fu16_t capabilities;
      struct {
            fu16_t status;
            fu32_t ipaddr;
            fu8_t crap[0x25]; /* until we figure it out... */
      } icqinfo;
} aim_userinfo_t;

faim_export const char *aim_userinfo_sn(aim_userinfo_t *ui);
faim_export fu16_t aim_userinfo_flags(aim_userinfo_t *ui);
faim_export fu16_t aim_userinfo_idle(aim_userinfo_t *ui);
faim_export float aim_userinfo_warnlevel(aim_userinfo_t *ui);
faim_export time_t aim_userinfo_membersince(aim_userinfo_t *ui);
faim_export time_t aim_userinfo_onlinesince(aim_userinfo_t *ui);
faim_export fu32_t aim_userinfo_sessionlen(aim_userinfo_t *ui);
faim_export int aim_userinfo_hascap(aim_userinfo_t *ui, fu16_t cap);

#define AIM_FLAG_UNCONFIRMED  0x0001 /* "damned transients" */
#define AIM_FLAG_ADMINISTRATOR      0x0002
#define AIM_FLAG_AOL          0x0004
#define AIM_FLAG_OSCAR_PAY    0x0008
#define AIM_FLAG_FREE         0x0010
#define AIM_FLAG_AWAY         0x0020
#define AIM_FLAG_ICQ          0x0040
#define AIM_FLAG_UNKNOWN80    0x0080
#define AIM_FLAG_UNKNOWN100   0x0100
#define AIM_FLAG_UNKNOWN200   0x0200
#define AIM_FLAG_ACTIVEBUDDY    0x0400
#define AIM_FLAG_UNKNOWN800   0x0800
#define AIM_FLAG_ABINTERNAL     0x1000

#define AIM_FLAG_ALLUSERS     0x001f

#if defined(FAIM_INTERNAL) || defined(FAIM_NEED_TLV)
 * TLV handling

/* Generic TLV structure. */
typedef struct aim_tlv_s {
      fu16_t type;
      fu16_t length;
      fu8_t *value;
} aim_tlv_t;

/* List of above. */
typedef struct aim_tlvlist_s {
      aim_tlv_t *tlv;
      struct aim_tlvlist_s *next;
} aim_tlvlist_t;

/* TLV-handling functions */

#if 0
/* Very, very raw TLV handling. */
faim_internal int aim_puttlv_8(fu8_t *buf, const fu16_t t, const fu8_t v);
faim_internal int aim_puttlv_16(fu8_t *buf, const fu16_t t, const fu16_t v);
faim_internal int aim_puttlv_32(fu8_t *buf, const fu16_t t, const fu32_t v);
faim_internal int aim_puttlv_raw(fu8_t *buf, const fu16_t t, const fu16_t l, const fu8_t *v);

/* TLV list handling. */
faim_internal aim_tlvlist_t *aim_readtlvchain(aim_bstream_t *bs);
faim_internal void aim_freetlvchain(aim_tlvlist_t **list);
faim_internal aim_tlv_t *aim_gettlv(aim_tlvlist_t *, fu16_t t, const int n);
faim_internal char *aim_gettlv_str(aim_tlvlist_t *, const fu16_t t, const int n);
faim_internal fu8_t aim_gettlv8(aim_tlvlist_t *list, const fu16_t type, const int num);
faim_internal fu16_t aim_gettlv16(aim_tlvlist_t *list, const fu16_t t, const int n);
faim_internal fu32_t aim_gettlv32(aim_tlvlist_t *list, const fu16_t t, const int n);
faim_internal int aim_writetlvchain(aim_bstream_t *bs, aim_tlvlist_t **list);
faim_internal int aim_addtlvtochain8(aim_tlvlist_t **list, const fu16_t t, const fu8_t v);
faim_internal int aim_addtlvtochain16(aim_tlvlist_t **list, const fu16_t t, const fu16_t v);
faim_internal int aim_addtlvtochain32(aim_tlvlist_t **list, const fu16_t type, const fu32_t v);
faim_internal int aim_addtlvtochain_raw(aim_tlvlist_t **list, const fu16_t t, const fu16_t l, const fu8_t *v);
faim_internal int aim_addtlvtochain_caps(aim_tlvlist_t **list, const fu16_t t, const fu16_t caps);
faim_internal int aim_addtlvtochain_noval(aim_tlvlist_t **list, const fu16_t type);
faim_internal int aim_addtlvtochain_userinfo(aim_tlvlist_t **list, fu16_t type, aim_userinfo_t *ui);
faim_internal int aim_addtlvtochain_frozentlvlist(aim_tlvlist_t **list, fu16_t type, aim_tlvlist_t **tl);
faim_internal int aim_counttlvchain(aim_tlvlist_t **list);
faim_internal int aim_sizetlvchain(aim_tlvlist_t **list);
#endif /* FAIM_INTERNAL */

 * Get command from connections
 * aim_get_commmand() is the libfaim lowlevel I/O in the receive direction.
 * XXX Make this easily overridable.
faim_export int aim_get_command(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *);

 * Dispatch commands that are in the rx queue.
faim_export void aim_rxdispatch(aim_session_t *);

faim_export int aim_debugconn_sendconnect(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn);

faim_export int aim_logoff(aim_session_t *);

#if !defined(FAIM_INTERNAL) || defined(FAIM_INTERNAL_INSANE)
/* the library should never call aim_conn_kill */
faim_export void aim_conn_kill(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t **deadconn);

typedef int (*aim_rxcallback_t)(aim_session_t *, aim_frame_t *, ...);

struct aim_clientrelease {
      char *name;
      fu32_t build;
      char *url;
      char *info;

struct aim_authresp_info {
      char *sn;
      fu16_t errorcode;
      char *errorurl;
      fu16_t regstatus;
      char *email;
      char *bosip;
      fu8_t *cookie;
      struct aim_clientrelease latestrelease;
      struct aim_clientrelease latestbeta;

/* Callback data for redirect. */
struct aim_redirect_data {
      fu16_t group;
      const char *ip;
      const fu8_t *cookie;
      struct { /* group == AIM_CONN_TYPE_CHAT */
            fu16_t exchange;
            const char *room;
            fu16_t instance;
      } chat;

faim_export int aim_clientready(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn);
faim_export int aim_sendflapver(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn);
faim_export int aim_request_login(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn, const char *sn);
faim_export int aim_send_login(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *, const char *, const char *, struct client_info_s *, const char *key);
faim_export int aim_encode_password_md5(const char *password, const char *key, unsigned char *digest);
faim_export void aim_purge_rxqueue(aim_session_t *);

#define AIM_TX_QUEUED    0 /* default */
#define AIM_TX_USER      2
faim_export int aim_tx_setenqueue(aim_session_t *sess, int what, int (*func)(aim_session_t *, aim_frame_t *));

faim_export int aim_tx_flushqueue(aim_session_t *);
faim_export void aim_tx_purgequeue(aim_session_t *);

faim_export int aim_conn_setlatency(aim_conn_t *conn, int newval);

faim_export int aim_conn_addhandler(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *conn, u_short family, u_short type, aim_rxcallback_t newhandler, u_short flags);
faim_export int aim_clearhandlers(aim_conn_t *conn);

faim_export aim_conn_t *aim_conn_findbygroup(aim_session_t *sess, fu16_t group);
faim_export aim_session_t *aim_conn_getsess(aim_conn_t *conn);
faim_export void aim_conn_close(aim_conn_t *deadconn);
faim_export aim_conn_t *aim_newconn(aim_session_t *, int type, const char *dest);
faim_export int aim_conngetmaxfd(aim_session_t *);
faim_export aim_conn_t *aim_select(aim_session_t *, struct timeval *, int *);
faim_export int aim_conn_isready(aim_conn_t *);
faim_export int aim_conn_setstatus(aim_conn_t *, int);
faim_export int aim_conn_completeconnect(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn);
faim_export int aim_conn_isconnecting(aim_conn_t *conn);

typedef void (*faim_debugging_callback_t)(aim_session_t *sess, int level, const char *format, va_list va);
faim_export int aim_setdebuggingcb(aim_session_t *sess, faim_debugging_callback_t);
faim_export void aim_session_init(aim_session_t *, unsigned long flags, int debuglevel);
faim_export void aim_session_kill(aim_session_t *);
faim_export void aim_setupproxy(aim_session_t *sess, const char *server, const char *username, const char *password);
faim_export aim_conn_t *aim_getconn_type(aim_session_t *, int type);
faim_export aim_conn_t *aim_getconn_type_all(aim_session_t *, int type);
faim_export aim_conn_t *aim_getconn_fd(aim_session_t *, int fd);

/* aim_misc.c */


#define AIM_PRIVFLAGS_ALLOWIDLE           0x01

#define AIM_WARN_ANON                     0x01

faim_export int aim_sendpauseack(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn);
faim_export int aim_send_warning(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn, const char *destsn, fu32_t flags);
faim_export int aim_nop(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *);
faim_export int aim_flap_nop(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn);
faim_export int aim_bos_setidle(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *, fu32_t);
faim_export int aim_bos_changevisibility(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *, int, const char *);
faim_export int aim_bos_setbuddylist(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *, const char *);
faim_export int aim_bos_setprofile(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn, const char *profile, const char *awaymsg, fu16_t caps);
faim_export int aim_bos_setgroupperm(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *, fu32_t mask);
faim_export int aim_bos_setprivacyflags(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *, fu32_t);
faim_export int aim_reqpersonalinfo(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *);
faim_export int aim_reqservice(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *, fu16_t);
faim_export int aim_bos_reqrights(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *);
faim_export int aim_bos_reqbuddyrights(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *);
faim_export int aim_bos_reqlocaterights(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *);
faim_export int aim_setdirectoryinfo(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn, const char *first, const char *middle, const char *last, const char *maiden, const char *nickname, const char *street, const char *city, const char *state, const char *zip, int country, fu16_t privacy);
faim_export int aim_setuserinterests(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn, const char *interest1, const char *interest2, const char *interest3, const char *interest4, const char *interest5, fu16_t privacy);
faim_export int aim_setextstatus(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn, fu16_t status);

faim_export struct aim_fileheader_t *aim_getlisting(aim_session_t *sess, FILE *);

#define AIM_CLIENTTYPE_MC       0x0001
#define AIM_CLIENTTYPE_WINAIM   0x0002
#define AIM_CLIENTTYPE_WINAIM41 0x0003
#define AIM_CLIENTTYPE_AOL_TOC  0x0004
faim_export unsigned short aim_fingerprintclient(unsigned char *msghdr, int len);

#define AIM_RATE_CODE_CHANGE     0x0001
#define AIM_RATE_CODE_WARNING    0x0002
#define AIM_RATE_CODE_LIMIT      0x0003
faim_export int aim_ads_requestads(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn);

/* aim_im.c */

struct aim_fileheader_t {
#if 0
      char  magic[4];         /* 0 */
      short hdrlen;           /* 4 */
      short hdrtype;          /* 6 */
      char  bcookie[8];       /* 8 */
      short encrypt;          /* 16 */
      short compress;         /* 18 */
      short totfiles;         /* 20 */
      short filesleft;        /* 22 */
      short totparts;         /* 24 */
      short partsleft;        /* 26 */
      long  totsize;          /* 28 */
      long  size;             /* 32 */
      long  modtime;          /* 36 */
      long  checksum;         /* 40 */
      long  rfrcsum;          /* 44 */
      long  rfsize;           /* 48 */
      long  cretime;          /* 52 */
      long  rfcsum;           /* 56 */
      long  nrecvd;           /* 60 */
      long  recvcsum;         /* 64 */
      char  idstring[32];     /* 68 */
      char  flags;            /* 100 */
      char  lnameoffset;      /* 101 */
      char  lsizeoffset;      /* 102 */
      char  dummy[69];        /* 103 */
      char  macfileinfo[16];  /* 172 */
      short nencode;          /* 188 */
      short nlanguage;        /* 190 */
      char  name[64];         /* 192 */
                        /* 256 */

struct aim_filetransfer_priv {
      char sn[MAXSNLEN];
      char cookie[8];
      char ip[30];
      int state;
      struct aim_fileheader_t fh;

struct aim_chat_roominfo {
      unsigned short exchange;
      char *name;
      unsigned short instance;

#define AIM_IMFLAGS_AWAY            0x0001 /* mark as an autoreply */
#define AIM_IMFLAGS_ACK             0x0002 /* request a receipt notice */
#define AIM_IMFLAGS_UNICODE         0x0004
#define AIM_IMFLAGS_ISO_8859_1            0x0008
#define AIM_IMFLAGS_BUDDYREQ        0x0010 /* buddy icon requested */
#define AIM_IMFLAGS_HASICON         0x0020 /* already has icon */
#define AIM_IMFLAGS_SUBENC_MACINTOSH      0x0040 /* damn that Steve Jobs! */
#define AIM_IMFLAGS_CUSTOMFEATURES  0x0080 /* features field present */
#define AIM_IMFLAGS_EXTDATA         0x0100
#define AIM_IMFLAGS_CUSTOMCHARSET   0x0200 /* charset fields set */
#define AIM_IMFLAGS_MULTIPART       0x0400 /* ->mpmsg section valid */
#define AIM_IMFLAGS_OFFLINE         0x0800 /* send to offline user */

 * Multipart message structures.
typedef struct aim_mpmsg_section_s {
      fu16_t charset;
      fu16_t charsubset;
      fu8_t *data;
      fu16_t datalen;
      struct aim_mpmsg_section_s *next;
} aim_mpmsg_section_t;

typedef struct aim_mpmsg_s {
      int numparts;
      aim_mpmsg_section_t *parts;
} aim_mpmsg_t;

faim_export int aim_mpmsg_init(aim_session_t *sess, aim_mpmsg_t *mpm);
faim_export int aim_mpmsg_addraw(aim_session_t *sess, aim_mpmsg_t *mpm, fu16_t charset, fu16_t charsubset, const fu8_t *data, fu16_t datalen);
faim_export int aim_mpmsg_addascii(aim_session_t *sess, aim_mpmsg_t *mpm, const char *ascii);
faim_export int aim_mpmsg_addunicode(aim_session_t *sess, aim_mpmsg_t *mpm, const fu16_t *unicode, fu16_t unicodelen);
faim_export void aim_mpmsg_free(aim_session_t *sess, aim_mpmsg_t *mpm);

 * Arguments to aim_send_im_ext().
 * This is really complicated.  But immensely versatile.
struct aim_sendimext_args {

      /* These are _required_ */
      const char *destsn;
      fu32_t flags; /* often 0 */

      /* Only required if not using multipart messages */
      const char *msg;
      int msglen;

      /* Required if ->msg is not provided */
      aim_mpmsg_t *mpmsg;

      /* Only used if AIM_IMFLAGS_HASICON is set */
      fu32_t iconlen;
      time_t iconstamp;
      fu32_t iconsum;

      /* Only used if AIM_IMFLAGS_CUSTOMFEATURES is set */
      fu8_t *features;
      fu8_t featureslen;

      /* Only used if AIM_IMFLAGS_CUSTOMCHARSET is set and mpmsg not used */
      fu16_t charset;
      fu16_t charsubset;

 * This information is provided in the Incoming ICBM callback for
 * Channel 1 ICBM's.  
 * Note that although CUSTOMFEATURES and CUSTOMCHARSET say they
 * are optional, both are always set by the current libfaim code.
 * That may or may not change in the future.  It is mainly for
 * consistency with aim_sendimext_args.
 * Multipart messages require some explanation. If you want to use them,
 * I suggest you read all the comments in im.c.
struct aim_incomingim_ch1_args {

      /* Always provided */
      aim_mpmsg_t mpmsg;
      fu32_t icbmflags; /* some flags apply only to ->msg, not all mpmsg */
      /* Only provided if message has a human-readable section */
      char *msg;
      int msglen;

      /* Only provided if AIM_IMFLAGS_HASICON is set */
      time_t iconstamp;
      fu32_t iconlen;
      fu16_t iconsum;

      /* Only provided if AIM_IMFLAGS_CUSTOMFEATURES is set */
      fu8_t *features;
      fu8_t featureslen;

      /* Only provided if AIM_IMFLAGS_EXTDATA is set */
      fu8_t extdatalen;
      fu8_t *extdata;

      /* Only used if AIM_IMFLAGS_CUSTOMCHARSET is set */
      fu16_t charset;
      fu16_t charsubset;

struct aim_incomingim_ch2_args {
      fu8_t cookie[8];
      fu16_t reqclass;
      fu16_t status;
      union {
            struct {
                  fu32_t checksum;
                  fu32_t length;
                  time_t timestamp;
                  fu8_t *icon;
            } icon;
            struct {
                  fu8_t junk;
            } voice;
            struct {
                  fu8_t ip[22]; /* xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxxx\0 */
            } imimage;
            struct {
                  char *msg;
                  char *encoding;
                  char *lang;
            struct aim_chat_roominfo roominfo;
            } chat;
            struct {
                  char *ip;
                  unsigned char *cookie;
            } getfile;
            struct {
                  fu8_t junk;
            } sendfile;
      } info;

faim_export int aim_send_im_ext(aim_session_t *sess, struct aim_sendimext_args *args);
faim_export int aim_send_im(aim_session_t *, const char *destsn, unsigned short flags, const char *msg);
faim_export int aim_send_icon(aim_session_t *sess, const char *sn, const fu8_t *icon, int iconlen, time_t stamp, fu16_t iconsum);
faim_export fu16_t aim_iconsum(const fu8_t *buf, int buflen);
faim_export int aim_send_im_direct(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *, const char *msg);
faim_export const char *aim_directim_getsn(aim_conn_t *conn);
faim_export aim_conn_t *aim_directim_initiate(aim_session_t *, const char *destsn);
faim_export aim_conn_t *aim_directim_connect(aim_session_t *, const char *sn, const char *addr, const fu8_t *cookie);

faim_export aim_conn_t *aim_sendfile_initiate(aim_session_t *, const char *destsn, const char *filename, fu16_t numfiles, fu32_t totsize);

faim_export aim_conn_t *aim_getfile_initiate(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn, const char *destsn);
faim_export int aim_oft_getfile_request(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn, const char *name, int size);
faim_export int aim_oft_getfile_ack(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn);
faim_export int aim_oft_getfile_end(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn);

/* aim_info.c */
#define AIM_CAPS_BUDDYICON      0x0001
#define AIM_CAPS_VOICE          0x0002
#define AIM_CAPS_IMIMAGE        0x0004
#define AIM_CAPS_CHAT           0x0008
#define AIM_CAPS_GETFILE        0x0010
#define AIM_CAPS_SENDFILE       0x0020
#define AIM_CAPS_GAMES          0x0040
#define AIM_CAPS_SAVESTOCKS     0x0080
#define AIM_CAPS_GAMES2         0x0200
#define AIM_CAPS_ICQ            0x0400
#define AIM_CAPS_ABINTERNAL     0x0800
#define AIM_CAPS_LAST           0x8000

faim_export int aim_0002_000b(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn, const char *sn);


faim_export int aim_sendmemblock(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn, unsigned long offset, unsigned long len, const unsigned char *buf, unsigned char flag);


struct aim_invite_priv {
      char *sn;
      char *roomname;
      fu16_t exchange;
      fu16_t instance;

#define AIM_COOKIETYPE_ICBM     0x01
#define AIM_COOKIETYPE_ADS      0x02
#define AIM_COOKIETYPE_BOS      0x03
#define AIM_COOKIETYPE_IM       0x04
#define AIM_COOKIETYPE_CHAT     0x05
/* we'll move OFT up a bit to give breathing room.  not like it really
 * matters. */
#define AIM_COOKIETYPE_OFTIM    0x10

faim_export int aim_handlerendconnect(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *cur);

faim_export int aim_denytransfer(aim_session_t *sess, const char *sender, const char *cookie, unsigned short code);
faim_export aim_conn_t *aim_accepttransfer(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn, const char *sn, const fu8_t *cookie, const fu8_t *ip, fu16_t listingfiles, fu16_t listingtotsize, fu16_t listingsize, fu32_t listingchecksum, fu16_t rendid);

faim_export int aim_getinfo(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *, const char *, unsigned short);
faim_export int aim_sendbuddyoncoming(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn, aim_userinfo_t *info);
faim_export int aim_sendbuddyoffgoing(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn, const char *sn);


/* This is what the server will give you if you don't set them yourself. */
      0, \
      512, /* !! Note how small this is. */ \
      (99.9)*10, (99.9)*10, \
      1000 /* !! And how large this is. */ \

/* This is what most AIM versions use. */
      0, \
      8000, \
      (99.9)*10, (99.9)*10, \
      0 \

struct aim_icbmparameters {
      unsigned short maxchan;
      unsigned long flags; /* AIM_IMPARAM_FLAG_ */
      unsigned short maxmsglen; /* message size that you will accept */
      unsigned short maxsenderwarn; /* this and below are *10 (999=99.9%) */
      unsigned short maxrecverwarn;
      unsigned long minmsginterval; /* in milliseconds? */

faim_export int aim_reqicbmparams(aim_session_t *sess);
faim_export int aim_seticbmparam(aim_session_t *sess, struct aim_icbmparameters *params);

/* auth.c */
faim_export int aim_sendcookie(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *, const fu8_t *);

faim_export int aim_admin_changepasswd(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *, const char *newpw, const char *curpw);
faim_export int aim_admin_reqconfirm(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn);
faim_export int aim_admin_getinfo(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn, fu16_t info);
faim_export int aim_admin_setemail(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn, const char *newemail);

/* aim_buddylist.c */
faim_export int aim_add_buddy(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *, const char *);
faim_export int aim_remove_buddy(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *, const char *);

/* aim_search.c */
faim_export int aim_usersearch_address(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *, const char *);

/* These apply to exchanges as well. */

struct aim_chat_exchangeinfo {
      fu16_t number;
      fu16_t flags;
      char *name;
      char *charset1;
      char *lang1;
      char *charset2;
      char *lang2;

#define AIM_CHATFLAGS_AWAY      0x0002
faim_export int aim_chat_send_im(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn, fu16_t flags, const char *msg, int msglen);
faim_export int aim_chat_join(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn, fu16_t exchange, const char *roomname, fu16_t instance);
faim_export int aim_chat_attachname(aim_conn_t *conn, fu16_t exchange, const char *roomname, fu16_t instance);
faim_export char *aim_chat_getname(aim_conn_t *conn);
faim_export aim_conn_t *aim_chat_getconn(aim_session_t *, const char *name);

faim_export int aim_chatnav_reqrights(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn);

faim_export int aim_chat_invite(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn, const char *sn, const char *msg, fu16_t exchange, const char *roomname, fu16_t instance);

faim_export int aim_chatnav_createroom(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn, const char *name, fu16_t exchange);
faim_export int aim_chat_leaveroom(aim_session_t *sess, const char *name);

#define AIM_SSI_TYPE_BUDDY         0x0000
#define AIM_SSI_TYPE_GROUP         0x0001
#define AIM_SSI_TYPE_PERMITLIST    0x0002
#define AIM_SSI_TYPE_DENYLIST      0x0003
#define AIM_SSI_TYPE_PDINFO        0x0004

struct aim_ssi_item {
      char *name;
      fu16_t gid;
      fu16_t bid;
      fu16_t type;
      void *data;
      struct aim_ssi_item *next;

faim_export int aim_ssi_reqrights(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn);
faim_export int aim_ssi_reqdata(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn, time_t localstamp, fu16_t localrev);
faim_export int aim_ssi_enable(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn);
faim_export int aim_ssi_modbegin(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn);
faim_export int aim_ssi_modend(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn);

struct aim_icq_offlinemsg {
      fu32_t sender;
      fu16_t year;
      fu8_t month, day, hour, minute;
      fu16_t type;
      char *msg;

struct aim_icq_simpleinfo {
      fu32_t uin;
      char *nick;
      char *first;
      char *last;
      char *email;

struct aim_icq_smsresponse {
      fu16_t type;
      char *tag;
      char *xml;

faim_export int aim_icq_reqofflinemsgs(aim_session_t *sess);
faim_export int aim_icq_ackofflinemsgs(aim_session_t *sess);
faim_export int aim_icq_getsimpleinfo(aim_session_t *sess, const char *uin);

/* aim_util.c */
 * These are really ugly.  You'd think this was LISP.  I wish it was.
 * XXX With the advent of bstream's, these should be removed to enforce
 * their use.
#define aimutil_put8(buf, data) ((*(buf) = (u_char)(data)&0xff),1)
#define aimutil_get8(buf) ((*(buf))&0xff)
#define aimutil_put16(buf, data) ( \
            (*(buf) = (u_char)((data)>>8)&0xff), \
            (*((buf)+1) = (u_char)(data)&0xff),  \
#define aimutil_get16(buf) ((((*(buf))<<8)&0xff00) + ((*((buf)+1)) & 0xff))
#define aimutil_put32(buf, data) ( \
            (*((buf)) = (u_char)((data)>>24)&0xff), \
            (*((buf)+1) = (u_char)((data)>>16)&0xff), \
            (*((buf)+2) = (u_char)((data)>>8)&0xff), \
            (*((buf)+3) = (u_char)(data)&0xff), \
#define aimutil_get32(buf) ((((*(buf))<<24)&0xff000000) + \
            (((*((buf)+1))<<16)&0x00ff0000) + \
            (((*((buf)+2))<< 8)&0x0000ff00) + \
            (((*((buf)+3)    )&0x000000ff)))

/* Little-endian versions (damn ICQ) */
#define aimutil_putle8(buf, data) ( \
            (*(buf) = (unsigned char)(data) & 0xff), \
#define aimutil_getle8(buf) ( \
            (*(buf)) & 0xff \
#define aimutil_putle16(buf, data) ( \
            (*((buf)+0) = (unsigned char)((data) >> 0) & 0xff),  \
            (*((buf)+1) = (unsigned char)((data) >> 8) & 0xff), \
#define aimutil_getle16(buf) ( \
            (((*((buf)+0)) << 0) & 0x00ff) + \
            (((*((buf)+1)) << 8) & 0xff00) \
#define aimutil_putle32(buf, data) ( \
            (*((buf)+0) = (unsigned char)((data) >>  0) & 0xff), \
            (*((buf)+1) = (unsigned char)((data) >>  8) & 0xff), \
            (*((buf)+2) = (unsigned char)((data) >> 16) & 0xff), \
            (*((buf)+3) = (unsigned char)((data) >> 24) & 0xff), \
#define aimutil_getle32(buf) ( \
            (((*((buf)+0)) <<  0) & 0x000000ff) + \
            (((*((buf)+1)) <<  8) & 0x0000ff00) + \
            (((*((buf)+2)) << 16) & 0x00ff0000) + \
            (((*((buf)+3)) << 24) & 0xff000000))

faim_export int aimutil_putstr(u_char *, const char *, int);
faim_export int aimutil_tokslen(char *toSearch, int index, char dl);
faim_export int aimutil_itemcnt(char *toSearch, char dl);
faim_export char *aimutil_itemidx(char *toSearch, int index, char dl);

faim_export int aim_snlen(const char *sn);
faim_export int aim_sncmp(const char *sn1, const char *sn2);

/* for libc's that dont have it */
faim_export char *aim_strsep(char **pp, const char *delim);

/* aim_meta.c */
faim_export char *aim_getbuilddate(void);
faim_export char *aim_getbuildtime(void);
faim_export int aim_getbuildstring(char *buf, int buflen);

#include <aim_internal.h>

#endif /* __AIM_H__ */

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